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Welcome to Entrecity

The idea behind EntreCity is to help entrepreneurs build successful businesses. We want to achieve this by helping people build an entrepreneurial mindset and to arm them with the technical tools to start and grow businesses. Whether or not you are ready to start a business, EntreCity aims to help everyone to think with an entrepreneurial mindset. Our aim is to arm our Entrepreneurs with the right tools and mindset, so that they can build successful businesses in the future. By sharing our experience and the community actively participating, we will educate current and future entrepreneurs, to produce successful ventures.

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing

Based on first hand experiences of successful entrepreneurs captured in the popular book, “The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship” we will share knowledge about what it takes to be an entrepreneur.


We intend to build a community that will share and collaborate to help each other and build future businesses.


Mentors who have done it before to help guide you on your journey once you are ready and have started your start-up.

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Our Mentors

Inderjit Singh

Mr Inderjit Singh, an engineer by training, and worked at Texas Instruments for 13 years before he started his entrepreneurial journey in 1997, at the age of 37. He is a true serial entrepreneur having personally started 10 companies.

Patrick Liew

Dr. Patrick Liew MBA, MSc, BSc is the Managing Partner of Global Enterprise Exchange. He is also a founder of Success Resources, arguably the largest seminar organiser in the world and a major shareholder of a company which is listed on the Australia Stock Exchange.

Rajeev Rawat

Mr. Rawat is an author, consultant, and speaker. He serves clients in US, India, Malaysia, and Singapore. His current focus, the Reverse The Chase initiative aligns the core of the organizations to achieve authenticity, which enables professionals and organizations to stop chasing and let opportunities chase them.