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The Sixth Sense: Making Decisions


Have you ever been appalled by decisions which seem to defy logic and yet yield such favorable outcomes? An entrepreneur is well-versed in making such seemingly illogical decisions. So what motivates them to look beyond logic when making decisions?

It is because Entrepreneurs think with their heart and not just their head.

Entrepreneurs possess a special skill that sets them apart -they are able to come up with solutions that are unfathomable to the best of brains even after in depth analysis and logical decision-making. This may reinforce the notion that entrepreneurs are born and not made. Nonetheless, this special skill simply involves trusting your gut feel.

Intuitive thinking involves making a decision without engaging in thorough analysis of the circumstances that can influence the decision and outcome.

“Firing from the hip” may be frowned upon as most disciplines and professions promulgate careful and cautious decision-making that is underpinned by meticulous research and analysis. After all, structured and thorough decision-making has been effective in addressing some of the most perplexing problems. Yet in some situations a judgment needs to be made and this is where “firing from the hip” plays a pivotal role.

For those who “fired from the hip”, did luck make them successful or did they have a mindset that empowered them to achieve success? People who “fire from the hip” are entrepreneurial in their thinking and approach, allowing them to emerge unscathed from even the most challenging of situations.

Certain problems cannot be logically resolved and by using your heart to make a decision you invoke your passion. This passion will lead you to the right path. So, trust your gut feeling as it will open many doors for you. Don’t be intimidated by uncertainty. Your sixth sense which is derived from thinking with your heart and not your head will steer you in the right direction.

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