Business Idea Breakdown: I Need a Solution to this Problem, Can You Help?

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Business Idea Breakdown: I Need a Solution to this Problem, Can You Help?

Photography is a hobby of mine for the past couple of years and I have been focusing on glamour and fashion portraiture for over a year. There is a lot of coordination needed when you need to do a shoot.

You need to coordinate with everyone to :

  1. Book a studio
  2. Get the models
  3. Arrange for a Make Up Artist
  4. Fashion Stylist
  5. Hair Stylist
  6. Photography Assistant

The problem is that everyone’s schedule must match and unless everyone works under you and you have your own studio, it can be pretty hard to get everyone together, at least it is for me. Another issue is the changing of schedules, there may be last minute change in timings that we may have to adjust for.

So I would like to create something where I can work out everybody’s schedule at one place; Perhaps a mobile or web platform where I can send one message to everyone and we can coordinate the scheduling from there.

What we need?
A cross platform mobile application, that would be able to allow everyone to come together and adjust their schedule for an event(in this case a photo shoot).

Lets say I want to do a photoshoot next Saturday:

  1. I would need to book the studio. In this case, we need the schedule/calendar for the time slots available for a few studios. Studios can upload their calendars on Google Calendar and we could access to see if there are any slots free.
  2. A checkbox feature would be nice for me to choose which studios I would like, perhaps I could choose 2-3 studios to be on the safe side of getting one.
  3. Next I would need to arrange for the Model, Make Up Artist, Fashion Stylist and Hair Stylist. I would like to be able to drop them one message where they could click to see the timings available. Then they could reply and adjust themselves to one slot, that would be convenient to all of them.
  4. There will be a need of slot changing at this time, so perhaps the make up artist cannot make it at the 8.30 slot where everyone else can make it, she can suggest another slot that suits her.
  5. There also should be an option of changing the people. If in case, the Hair Stylist really cannot make it on that day, then we will have to remove them and slot in someone else.
  6. We need a platform that could be used on mobile devices, but the application must be able to cross platforms, between iOS, Android and Windows. Users should be able to see the studio’s locations and timings available.

This application can be used in many other situations, where you have to gather people to work on a specific event or job. I would like to see how we could develop this further and am open to changing the requirements as well if needed.

We have opened a Brainstorming Session on our Facebook Page, for everyone to contribute. Lets work together to develop this application idea.


  1. dagelf says:

    We coordinate thing more complsx than this using Google Calendar every day. Just get everyone on email and Google Calendar… or just Gmail. It’s not perfect but it’s universal enough to do the job. If you find somehing simpler and better, let me know!

  2. Coenraad says:

    Google calendar is universal enough to do a good job of this, all you need is for everyone to have email and have their calendars accessible. If you find somethig simpler or better, let me know!

  3. gskalra says:

    Hi guys,

    Is it possible to bring it Mobile? With Google Calendars you still have to update manually, you have to message each other to fix the times. Can google calendar do an auto adjust or a time change suggestion box for everyone to approve?

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