Entrepreneurship Lessons

We would like to share a post from one of our Mentor’s on Selling:

From Mr Patrick Liew’s Blog

“A former dean of one of the top business schools was listening to a speech I made at one of my educational seminars.

At the end of my talk, he came up to me and made an interesting comment,

“Patrick, you are the first property agent that did not try to sell me real estate.

“I want to know more about how to invest in property.”

The good Professor asked me again about property investment during the coffee break. He was not the only one – there were many others.

Here’s my take. I don’t ‘sell’ real estate in an educational seminar. I endeavor to deliver good values to the audience

I want the participants to know that I genuinely love and care for them. When they know that I want to help them improve their life, they will seek my real estate services.

I do not want to just chase prospective clients – I would rather be a magnet to attract prospective clients.”

Patrick Liew

Lesson Learnt
When creating a product or a service, it is crucial to remember that you are working to improve the lives of your customers. You need to ask yourself – Will what you provide help them make their lives better than what they are already experiencing. You must know you are not doing it in a vacuum – there are others who are already helping improve the lives of their customers (who will also be your potential customers).

You therefore need to be able to bring this aspect of improving peoples’ lives when you market product, service of company. While important, it should not be about just making the sale; it should be about educating and helping your customers to enrich their lives. They must themselves make the judgment that what you have will indeed make them happier and improve their lives further.

If you this correctly, it will attract more people to your product/service. Which will make you a magnet for more clients.

So remember to focus on making people’s lives better; as they realize that your product will make things easier, they will chase you instead.

You can read more about Mr Patrick Liew HERE

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