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I read about MakerBot in 2010 and I was very fascinated, because 3D printers were really expensive. Why the interest in 3D printing? Well, I have many ideas in my head and a lot of them require some kind of fabrication for some new parts. So either you get access to a 3D printing machine (which are expensive, around $100,000++) or you find a fabricator (better for me, cause I can’t draw to save my life).

Why Schuyler Loves his 3D Printer?

With MakerBot, it becomes much easier to do bring the things in my head to life. The machines start from US$750 to around US$1799, which makes it decently affordable to run them at home. Of course you should be able to draw and use CAD Software (Computer Aided Design), to be an expert. But the makers of Makerbot have started an online community called Thingiverse, which is a crowdsources website of contributors and freelancers, who will put up CAD design files of the products they have designed. All you have to do is download and print. If you are looking for someone to help you make the design files, you can hire a freelancer or pick it up yourself.

Below is a link to a contributor who printed a quadcopter(helicopter) on his printer, and then attached some electric components to make it fly.

Building a QuadCopter through 3D printing

Why I like this?
The whole idea is to make it easier to experiment and create. By bringing the printers to your home, you have the access to  higher end technology, so there are no excuses to TRY. You may be making something on the small scale or prototyping for now, but if you do come up with something viable, you can then get a proper manufacturer to make it.

Our society needs to innovate more. You can only innovate if you experiment more. Products like this give you the opportunity to do just that.

The Makerbot would be good for you because;

–       You are not looking to mass produce (at least not initially) or you are looking to make prototypes
–       You are looking to make smaller scaled plastic products
–       You can experiment and fabricate things, turning something from my imagination into something tangible
–       It’s Low Cost
–       You can Share and print for others
–       It Encourages creativity and innovation
–       It teaches me more about engineering and manufacturing on a smaller scale

How to build a business around it?
– Sell MakerBots in the region, sell them to schools(Distributorship and training)
– Make designs and sell them online for others to print.(Jewellery, small plastic toys, replacement for broken plastic parts, prototypes)
– Make designs for people
– Print for people (buy a couple of machines and charge people to print)
– Design and build your own products in smaller quantities. Car models, house models etc…
– Jewellery
– Use it to make cakes(mmmmm)Chocolate (with their frosting attachment)

There are a lot of uses that can come out of having such equipment easily accessible to people, I am sure there are many more things that you can do with it. So do drop us a comment here, on our Facebook page. Bring in those great ideas on what else you would do with the MakerBot 3D Printer.

MakerBot in Schools
On a final thought, Imagine how different you would view subjects in school, if you had the ability to take things from your imagination and turn them into something tangible? Would you enjoy your subjects better if you could see them applied in something real?

Check out the video below.

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