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This week we will be looking into Task Rabbit, a company based in the US that helps people outsource their errands to a group of people that have been verified by the company.


Breakdown Description
Company Name TaskRabbit
Problem Due to hectic lifestyles and schedules people may not have the time to run errands.
Solution Outsource the errands that need to be run. Let other people who have the time and the expertise complete the tasks on your behalf. Saving your time for more important tasks.
Why We Like It Provides access to good quality service providers for every tasks. Even allows you to customise each task. By outsourcing these tasks, it frees up more time for us to focus on important work.
Target Market General Market – Professionals, executives, busy housewives, elderly, people who need expert skills(assembling IKEA furniture)
Technology Web platform, system to verify TaskRabbit’s background
Resources Community base that has a variety of service providers. Would be easy to start with a small community of vendors and people to assist with the task.
What are the costs we are looking at? Costs: Building Web Platform(market), Administration for Verification of errand runner, rentals, administration staff, marketing.
How Will They Make Money? The customer will set the task price. There is a guide for how they should price the task and 20% of that price will go back to the company, if the bid is successful.
How Will They Reach the Market? Using social media, email marketing, videos and PR to market the service. Both for customers and people to run the errands.


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