Idea Analysis Week 3: Polaroid Fotobar
March 21, 2013
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March 28, 2013

Idea Analysis Week 4: CreativeLive


[box type=”success” align=”aligncenter” ]With online learning on the rise, CreativeLive’s ‘Freemium’ model is attracting a lot of viewers and is successfully turning them into paying customers.[/box]

Breakdown Description
Company Name Creative Live
Website http://www.creativelive.com
Problem Online classes today lack a classroom environment that help to engage the students during the course. You either email the questions later, in the hopes of getting a reply. As such your involvement and motivation dry down after a while.
Solution A classroom platform, with an international reach, that would allow for strong user participate during the course to help students engage better and have more access to world class teachers.
Why We Like It Based initially on photography courses, these courses allowed us to access renowned photographers, giving us an insight to how they worked. Being able to watch it for free allowed us to try the course our before we made any purchase. Being in different timezones(starts at 1am Singapore time) did make it difficult for us to watch and participate in all the Live(free)courses though. But by providing great quality, they switched us over to paying customers soon enough.The beauty here is that you are not viewing a trailer or a lite version of a course for free. But you are getting nearly the full experience(paying customers will get more documents or bonus videos).

Also by being able to participate, gives us a chance to interact with the lecturer and help to shape the course, by asking questions on the problems that we are facing.

Target Market Currently people who are interested in doing photography or building small businesses
How Will They Make Money? Selling Courses
How Will They Reach the Market? Social Media


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