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July 18, 2016
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Idea Analysis Week 8: Rug Addict


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Need a mouse pad? Well look no further. Rug addict provides mouse pads that are hand woven with intricate Persian designs that are eye-catching, but that’s not all. It is their personal touch and customer engagement that we love and which makes them stand out from the rest.

Today we want to focus on how adding a personal touch could win you more fans.


Breakdown Description
Company Name Rug Addict
Why We Like It We love the product, but frankly its the personal touch that has us bowled over.Customer is really King(well at least Royalty) for the guys Rug Addict.

The packaging of the rug mouse pad is innovative and very personalized. Makes it very exciting to receive and open it.

Customers are addressed to make them feel special when their items are delivered to them. A personal touch really goes a long way.

They even include reminders on the envelope to inform customers of additional items such as hand-made key chains which state “I am a Rug-Addict.”

Overall the customer is made to feel special through their purchases.

Target Market
  • Those who are interested in artistically made products.
How Will They Make Money?
  • Product Sales
How Will They Reach the Market?
  • It is a small business that is propagated through word of mouth and friends.Social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc.

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