Understanding The Entrepreneur
To become an entrepreneur, we first have to understand how they think and perform. Then we look at cultivating those values in ourselves, leading to us becoming better entrepreneurs.

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Art0001: What is an Entrepreneur?

Art0002: 10 Traits of an Entrepreneur 

Art0003: Beating The Odds

Art0004: Born or Bred

Art0005: Team Entrepreneurship 


Three Mantras of Entrepreneurship
Often, many entrepreneurs are asked to share their experiences and perspectives of what it takes to create successful businesses and companies. Upon analysing what the successful entrepreneurs say and do, I have observed a few common philosophies they operate with. These philosophies come out very clearly in the way entrepreneurs behave and the way they go about their daily lives. While we can classify these philosophies in many ways, I have been able to distil them into three very common philosophies that entrepreneurs typically follow. I call them the “Three Mantras of Entrepreneurship”. Mr Inderjit Singh – The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship

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Art0006: The Three Mantras of Entrepreneurship – Part 1

Art0007: 3 Mantras of Entrepreneurship – Part 1.2 Decisiveness and Problem Solving

Art0008: 3 Mantras of Entrepreneurship – Part 1.3 Self Confidence

Art0009: Mantra No.2: Aim High But Be Prepared for the Worst

Art0010: Backup Plans

Art0011: Taking the Leap

Art0012: Taking Calculated Risks

Art0013: Survival Strategy(Everyone Should Have One)

Art0014: Mantra No. 2 – There is No Shortcut to Success

Art0015: Transforming an Idea into a Business

Art0016: Commitment is Hard Work

Art0017:  Being committed 24/7


Three Beliefs of Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs have certain beliefs that guide them, and which they never forget. Having certain beliefs is very important for the mind. For instance, believing in religion can help guide you in how you live your life. Similarly with certain beliefs, entrepreneurs can set certain directions for themselves.

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Art0018: 3 Beliefs of Entrepreneurship

Art0019: 3 Beliefs of Entrepreneurs 1.1 – Investing in Downturns

Art0020 – 3 Beliefs of Entrepreneurs: 1.2 Always Prepare in Advance

Art0021: 3 Beliefs Of Entrepreneurs – Belief No. 2: I Can Change The World

Art0022 – Belief No. 3: Outshine as an Entrepreneur – Sniffing Opportunities, Surviving Challenges and Vanquishing Fears


How Entrepreneurs Work Differently.
It is in an entrepreneur’s DNA to go against the conventional. Thinking differently than others in the same field. This is what makes them better than the rest. By thinking differently and challenging the norms, they are able to break down walls and bring in new innovations to society.

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Art0023:Thriving In Chaotic Environments – Breaking the Rules and Going against the Norms

Art0024 – Breaking the Rules – The Compassionate Side of Entrepreneurship

Art0025 – Risks and Failures: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship That Should Not Be Feared

Art0026: Shattering the Myth – Entrepreneurship Does Not Encourage Blind Risk-Taking


The Fine Art of Entrepreneurship

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Art0027: Why your employees are very important stake holders?

Art0028: Giving A Discount Does Not Mean Discounting The Quality Of Your Product