Useful Lessons in Business and Fundraising

Being Very Clear About Your Business

Amongst all the hype around startups and entrepreneurs, we need to remember that the company that we start is a business that is meant to cater to the needs of the customers. The need to focus on building strong, long lasting businesses  is very important for the company’s future sustainability.

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UL0001: A Business is Still a Business

UL0002: The Idea is Not a Business

UL0004: Creativity vs Innovation

UL0005: Internet and Technology Alone Do Not Create A Business


Raising Money Better

Fundraising remains a very big challenge for many entrepreneurs. As it is an integral part of running a company, entrepreneurs need to understand the subject matter in depth. As such we have included some of our experiences in this portion that would help give entrepreneurs some ideas and lessons as to understanding and approaching investors better.

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UL0003: Not So Smart Money

UL0006: Customer Financing

UL0007: Angel Investing

UL0008: Venture Capital

UL0009-How do you Read the VC’s Response?

UL0010 – The VC Trap

UL0011 – The Importance of Presentation Skills

Lessons for the Entrepreneurial Mind

As we all know with the right mindset we can achieve anything. As such we have lectures below aimed at helping you understand how to think with an Entrepreneurial mind. Entrepreneurship is a state of mind; a mindset that would help you achieve big goals and overcome any obstacles that come your way.

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UL0014 – Think Big, Start Small

UL0015 – The Old for the Dot Com Business 

UL0017 – Never Lie, Always Be Honest


Importance of an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Being an Entrepreneur can be quite lonely some times. As such there is a need for a support system around, a community, that can support and guide each other through the hard times and to achieve success.

Even on a macro level, governments will tend to benefit more with the increase in small businesses. As such it is important for governments to get involved and the support the creation of an entrepreneurial economy.
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UL0016 – Why the Environment Around You is So Important?

UL0018 – The Role of the Environment in Nurturing Entrepreneurship