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Mentor’s thoughts- Commitment is key


Being committed is the secret to success for any entrepreneurial venture. It takes both hard work and passion to make a venture work. One cannot be half-hearted about it. So before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, ask yourself: Am I prepared to give it my all?

Treading on the entrepreneurial path may seem like a daunting task. After all, entrepreneurship does entail a certain degree of risks and uncertainties. Therefore, you must set off on your entrepreneurial venture with conviction and passion. Conviction and passion will ensure that an entrepreneur remains committed to his venture.

So what does commitment entail? The greatest entrepreneurs of all time have demonstrated their commitment in their ventures. Commitment can come in all forms:

– Be prepared to lose sleep

– Work longer hours than usual

– Even perhaps lose some precious alone or family time.

While this may deter some from embarking on entrepreneurship, it sets entrepreneurs apart from the rest. An entrepreneur isn’t afraid of commitment and hard work. He is willing to bear short term losses for long term gains.

It is commitment that saved huge businesses like Starbucks and Apple from the brink of failure. Both Howard Schultz and Steve Jobs demonstrated commitment and hard work in changing the fortunes of their business. Entrepreneurs should embody the level of commitment shown by these individuals who have been successful in their ventures.

As long as you remain committed, even the toughest of challenges can be overcome. Therefore, be willing to commit yourself to your venture. Commitment is key.

Inderjit Singh

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