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June 7, 2012
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The Need to Dream Big


No matter what you do or where you are today, you should always dream big. Big things happen only when one starts by thinking big. So always start with a big dream and  use those dreams to fuel your work.

It is okay to start small, but it is important to think big. Your dreams will allow you to imagine yourself being on a higher plane in the future. We need to see ourselves in the positions that we want to be, so that we can work towards those goals. Using those goals as motivation, we will begin to make progress in our work we are doing now and allow us to look beyond the obstacles we may face along the way.  From your current position if you set your sights on your big dream you will know how you have to keep perfecting your work to get there.

Let me illustrate.

Suppose you would like to own a chain of restaurants when you are older, but you are just working in a coffee shop now. Start by perfecting your coffee making skills then understand how to handle and treat customers. From there look at how the shop is run. Start learning from every department, look and see how the organization is run. This will give you some ideas to run your own restaurant chain in the future.

After mastering your skills, start to explore more and venture further. Work for other people, or start your own small stall. This lets you apply your skills and gives you very good practical experience, with less risk. Once the stall is up and running and is doing well, start to expand from there. Get more stalls or open a restaurant. Take small steps and calculate your expansion. Giving you time to do some trial and error and to grow.

Remember where you are today does not reflect where you can be in the future, so don’t worry if you have not yet seen the light to your final destination. Also, do not let a bad experience or an obstacle turn you away from your dream, instead steer those emotions to help you strive and achieve a better future so as to reach your goals.

The main idea I am trying to share is that no matter where you are today, or what you are doing, you should always dream big and set ambitious goals, then work towards those goals. Work hard and smart to making those dreams of yours happen.

Inderjit Singh

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