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July 4, 2012
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Bringing in Great Talent


I went through this post last week on ‘What Indian Entrepreneurs want?’(http://www.pluggd.in/what-do-indian-entrepreneurs-want-startupwish-297/) and I noticed that there were many entrepreneurs, who were looking for good startup talent. They felt that they were hiring people who only wanted money and were not passionate about the subject. At the same time they were looking for the best talent they could get.

Finding great talent and passionate people can be really difficult. You can say it is equivalent to finding gold.

The problem I see is that entrepreneurs do not understand the role of the employee in a startup. A startup employee is an integral piece in the puzzle and work wise they would be working as much as you to build your company.

As such your mindset whilst hiring and training will be very different than from an MNC company. You will be looking for someone who will help you build your company and has to grow it from nothing. They will have to go beyond the call of duty and think outside the box to help you succeed. These are not people who are coming in from 9-5; these are people who will be working overtime and weekends to build your empire.

For this to happen there are 3 things you need to know and do.

1. Figure out the type of person you are looking for. Find someone who will fit with your company’s culture. Place specified adverts looking for such people. Take this exercise as a real advertisement; look for employees as if you are looking for customers, to buy into your idea and to work passionately for you.

2. So we now have some people to interview. When interviewing you must sell, sell, sell. Remember you are not looking for run of the mill employees; instead you are looking for someone who will work hand in hand and share your vision to build an amazing company. To achieve that, you need to get them to buy in to your idea, so much that they will want to be part of your movement.

3. You need to nurture. Many entrepreneurs do not understand that hiring someone is not the end of the road; it’s actually just the beginning. As entrepreneurs we are supposed to lead, help to mold and grow talent from the people around us. Engage your employees to think further, share your vision and bring them in, make them contribute.

To have passionate employees, you need them to buy into your idea. They must be able to see your vision and be as passionate about achieving it as you are. So much so that they will go above and beyond to help you reach your goals.

Sourcing talent is a two way game. If you want someone to think and work passionately on your idea, then you have to look at them as partners and not subordinates.

Inderjit Singh

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