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July 17, 2012
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July 5, 2016

Starting From Nothing

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Out of the media and out of the public’s eyes there are many entrepreneurs who have made it really big, with small beginnings. Along the way I have met so many people who have had really humble beginnings, people who left their homes, with nothing, to go to a different land and make their mark.

These people never knew the concept of entrepreneurship; it was never defined for them. But they had a plan of doing something great with their ideas. The big difference between them and many others is that they decided to take the next step to transform their idea into a business even if it meant leaving home; their comfort zone.

Not everyone had instant successes and some of their initial ideas did not seem interesting to many. Many started very small, worked hard, even doing 2 or 3 jobs to earn enough to execute their ideas. Some learned how to run businesses while working for others. For many they started with small savings,  and later built a small pile and pumped it into their businesses to bring the company to the next stage – they built their company dollar by dollar, brick by brick.

A great Singaporean example is Mr Mustaq Ahmed, owner of Mohammed Mustafa. He started with humble beginnings selling tea in his father’s stall. From there he went on to sell handkerchiefs and other textiles. Slowly, he built his empire and is now world famous. It took a lot of hard work and some trial and error on his part, but he has managed to build a legacy that I believe will  span generations.

All it took was hard work and good business acumen, some vision, so that he could identify opportunities and turn them into really successful businesses.

It may look like a humungous task, but every step forward you take will add to the journey, making it easier for the longer term. You just need to start, start small if you have to but do start and build your way up. Once you do, doors will begin to open, some good things which you can build upon and some bad things that will teach you important lessons along the way.

Take those lessons in your stride, learn well, apply your learning and move forward, to conquer the world.

Inderjit Singh

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