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November 16, 2012
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December 3, 2012

I Can Change the World


A while back we wrote about the 3 Beliefs of Entrepreneurs. One of those beliefs was that an entrepreneur can Change the World.

If you read any interview of a successful entrepreneur, you will realise that they pursue their ideas because of a belief that they can solve the problem and thus help people, live their lives better. Their journey always starts  with a problem they are looking to solve.

Whether it is an affordable  travelling issue, like what Richard Branson(Virgin) and Tony Fernandes(Air Asia), solved, , or DataWinds the team behind the Aakash Tablet who wanted to bring digital learning to the low income and the masses. All of them started their entrepreneurial journey because they passionately wanted to solve a problem. As their journey progressed, they ended up building growing or big companies around the product or service that solved the problem. An entrepreneur needs to be confident that he/she can change the world; To make it better for others. That is when they turn their passion, into an obsession which then becomes a calling. These entrepreneurs keep the problem they want to solve close to their hearts and they are able to empathise with the people facing the problems.  Understanding the needs of the people well, they come out with effective solutions. As we proceed to find our passions and our calling, we perhaps could look into what moves us. What problems do you feel must be solved to help improve a situation. It can be as simple as improving the way things are done in your company, or as big a inventing something brand new that could create a whole new area of business. Before you start solving the problem, have an in-depth feel of the problem. Put yourself in the shoes of those who are facing the problem and imagine how your solution can make you feel much better. Use this to fuel your passion and find your calling. Remember, even something as small as changing how a process is done in your company or small innovations can sometimes improve lives and better still change the world.

This belief (I Can Change the World) is what continues to drive entrepreneurs to greater heights, and is what amazes people who witness them. The fact that they could do things unimagined by others stems from this belief that they can change the world. Being optimistic, they believe they can achieve almost anything in this world, and beyond. They may seem egoistic at times, but it is this attitude that drives them to compete with giants, and it is this that causes them to change all the rules of the game. They redefine the rules of engagement and of how business is done, and this often catches the incumbents off guard. The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship. 

Inderjit Singh

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