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July 11, 2016
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July 11, 2016

Branding Yourself


Today I would like to share a post from our Mentor, Patrick Liew.

The main subject today is about Personal Branding. Just as branding a product or a company is important to gain recognition and hence market share, as an entrepreneur, the people you work with will also size you up based on how you personally brand yourself. This is important because you have to work with many stakeholders and you want all of them to have good mental image of you and you way of working. Your company may also be linked to the personal brand you have created for yourself and this can help you win market share. For example, Apple was very much linked to Steve Job’s creativity and hence Apple products were viewed as creative, partially because Steve Jobs was personally linked to Apple.

In this article, Patrick breaks down in simple terms, the meaning of branding, what it means to you and the people around you.

If you look deeper, you will also see an entrepreneur, who has the belief and the will to change the world. One important personal brand an entrepreneur must create for himself or herself is that of Passion – that you are passionate about the project you are embarking on and not doing it for any other reason. This will be important for you to attract your stakeholders to work with you.

We hope that you will take back a strong lesson from today’s Mentor’s Thoughts and that it will apply to your life and work.

Inderjit Singh


“On Friday, 24 August 2012, I taught a class in my company. The subject – Personal Branding.

At one point, I shared with them, “Every person is already branded whether he likes it or not. Most of these brands are accidentally- rather than purposefully crafted.

“Branding is essentially the journey of capturing the hearts and minds of your customers and the people around you with the right message, winning their trust, respect, affection and loyalty.”

As part of an exercise, I asked my colleagues, “What is the one word or phrase that you would like your customers to associate you with?”

I paused and allowed them time to respond to the question in their mind. I then asked them, “Is that happening right now?

“What do you think is the word or phrase that your customers would in reality use to describe you?”

To demonstrate the point, I asked them, “What word or phrase would you associate Patrick Liew with?”

The response ranged from the hilarious to the unbelievable. A case of the physician being unable to heal himself. Lol!

One participant said, “Drama.” This brought a round of laughter.

I like to believe she said that because there is not many a dull moment in class. I dramatise my presentations to make it fun and interesting.

Many of the students echoed, “Chin Chia Ho! (Very Good!)” There were smiles all around.

My oft-repeated ‘Chin Chia Ho!’ philosophy posits; in a nutshell, that everything in life happened for good, even in the worst crisis or tragedy. You must look for the good in every challenge and leverage on them to your advantage.

The word that many of the participants agreed upon is ‘Love.’ That melted my heart.

I believe that love is the most powerful force at work and in life. Sadly, many people fail to ignite love in their being and apply it to achieve sustainable success.

Since 2003, I have endeavoured to adopt love as one of the cornerstones of our organisation. I know it may take a long time before love can saturate our being and permeate throughout our organisation.

However, I believe that as we build brick after brick of love, mortar after mortar of love, someday we will be able to set our company on fire. We will pass on the flame of love for the good of the world around us.

Call me an idealist or unrealistic if you will, I am absolutely convinced that the world can only be changed by love. We need to not only have more love for one another, we also need the transformational touch of Divine Love.

As I reflect on the discussion in the class, I asked myself, What is the word that I like to be known for?

The word that stood out in my mind is – Inspiration. I want to inspire others through my lips and life to achieve greatness.

I want to be the best number 2 so that the people around me can be  number 1.

I don’t seek a win-win but a single-win relationship with others. I’m happy if they are the only party to win. That’s good enough for me.

What is your chosen word or phrase?”

Patrick Liew

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