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February 24, 2012
Born or Bred
June 15, 2016

Building the Entrepreneur


We grow personally from the experiences in our lives. From the time we gain consciousness of our surroundings till the present time, we are shaped by the encounters we have and how we handle them. Having bad experiences in the past with business or projects may hold some people back from future opportunities. On the other hand, bad past experiences may fuel a person on to reach greater heights. It has been popularly said that we cannot control what happens but we can control how we react to what happens. How we react and behave will shape us.

Those who reflect on their past experiences and have learnt lessons from them, will do better in the present. They understand themselves better, especially their strengths and weaknesses. Also they keep in view their past experiences as they experience the present and apply what good they learnt and find solutions for the bad they experienced. This helps develop a mindset that all problems we face can be solved, and gives them confidence to tackle obstacles along the way.

You can build yourself to be stronger, if you understand yourself thoroughly.

This week we look into:

Tuesday: Are entrepreneurs born or bred? We look at how experiences and taking action helps make a stronger entrepreneur.

Wednesday: How having a fluid business plan will allow you to make changes to your strategies, especially when facing obstacles and in times of changing markets. It will give you the flexibility to make alterations that will help improve your business better. Treat the business plan as a living document.

Thursday: Domain knowledge is very important in a business. The understanding of the market and the customer is very crucial in the design of the product or service. You could create the most technologically advanced product, but if the consumers have no need for it, or they are not educated in the product, they will not use it, making the product useless.

It is never too difficult or late to be an entrepreneur. It is a matter of taking the steps to understanding yourself better, what makes you strong and what are your weaknesses. These are the basic steps to building an entrepreneurial mindset.

Start taking those little steps today, to get to know yourself better. Here is the link to the EntreCity SWOT Analysis Template.

Inderjit Singh

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