Being creative and innovative may be easier said than done. While it would appear that entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and the creators of Google are blessed with an analytical, innovative and creative mind, it probably took years of research, training and exposure to develop their creativity and innovation that later led them to create successful companies. I feel that  everyone has the ability to think creatively. All it takes is the right amount of training and exposure to get you started on the path of innovation. While different people may have different ways of stimulating their mind to think creatively, a relaxed mind can be the key to unlocking a plethora of new and unique possibilities. I realized this while I was working on my entrepreneurship project.


For all those who are embarking on projects, brainstorming ideas and strategies may be a challenge especially if it is your first project. I wish you the best of luck and perhaps you can adopt what my team did to stimulate our creativity for our project. After coming up with the topic of our research which was entrepreneurship, we realized that the real challenge lay ahead of us. We now had to come up with novel ideas to mitigate the risks involved in entrepreneurship and promote it among the youth.

Our group discussions were at times futile and with the pressure mounting on us to meet the deadlines it seemed that all of us were square and unable to think out of the box. Just as we were about to face our tutor which seemed daunting due to our paucity of creative ideas, my group mate came up with an ingenious idea. We took a break. One of my group mates lay down on the bench and the rest decided to indulge in food. The moment we started to relax our creative minds were ignited. That meeting was by far the most memorable and most productive meeting we had in the course of our project work journey. Everyone who walked past us thought we were slacking and no one would have thought that the deadline for our draft was the next day. But by taking time off to relax, we actually relieved ourselves from the pressure that was stifling our creativity and with our minds at ease; we were able to bounce back up with innovative ideas. Distraction in fact allowed us to gain inspiration.

So, remember if you are stuck in a rut or you are suffering from a severe case of mental block, stop what you are doing momentarily and let your imagination run wild. You will be surprised how effective that can be in steering you towards the path of innovation and creativity.


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Being creative and innovative may be easier said than done. While it would appear that entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and the creators of Google […]
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