This is an interesting question each of us needs to ask as we embark on our entrepreneurship journey. Are you treating it as a job or are you doing something which you feel can change the world. People in history who have changed the world have been doing whatever they do as a passion, a calling of sorts and that’s why they have been able to achieve great results despite the many obstacles difficulties they might have faced.

Every successful entrepreneur became successful not because he or she had to do a job for others and mostly not because of the money but for the passion and a higher calling in them. So make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.

Let me share a short article from Patrick Liew which explains this very well;

Enjoying Job Satisfaction – by Patrick Liew

The first job I had after graduation was serving my National Service. I had to go through tough military courses before being posted to become a platoon commander. Eventually, I became the Company’s Officer In Charge (OIC) before I completed my service.

Most people do not relish the idea of being a national service man. Many have resigned to the belief that they have to bear with tough and unhappy times.

I was one of the few who decided since I had no choice, I might as well make full use of my time. I want to learn to enjoy the army life, and I did – thoroughly.

I had a choice – to treat my army life as what psychologist Amy Wrzesniewski would say, ‘ AS A JOB, CAREER, OR CALLING’.

Most people will treat their job as work. You do what you have to do and you exchange your time and effort for an income.

Some people treat their job as a profession. They have more pride in their job, and they invest time and effort to build a career. They are driven by promotions, having more authority, earning a higher salary, and performing more difficult tasks.

I saw my service in the army and for that matter, all my jobs, as a calling. I’m not in it for the money and I not driven just by the career path.

I see my roles and responsibilities as a privilege to serve the people around me.

For example, I used my time as an officer to make friends with the soldiers and to help them be better prepared to defend our beautiful country. I even stayed back during many weekends to try and minister to the emotional and spiritual needs of my men.

Over the years, I have come to realize that every job, work, assignment, project, or anything that I am called upon to do can be a calling.

I can leverage upon it to make a positive impact on lives. Through the work, I can make positive contributions to the industry and society.

There is always a higher calling that I can fulfil in my job. It also applies to whatever project is assigned to me by any legitimate organization.

If you want to have more job satisfaction, see your job as a CALLING.

When you do that, you will be able to say, “Thank God, It’s Monday (instead of Oh No its Monday)!”

Patrick Liew

So you entrepreneurs out there – if you really want to derive the most satisfaction from your entrepreneurial journey, see what you do as a CALLING as Patrick has described it.

Inderjit Singh

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