UL0002 – The Idea is Not a Business
February 9, 2012
Mr Inderjit Singh
Understanding Fear and Risk.
February 13, 2012

Team Blog 2 – This Weeks Recap

Looking back at this week, we started going deeper into building ourselves as entrepreneurs.

On Tuesday, we looked into the 10 Traits of an Entrepreneur. Studying the characters and the inner workings of entrepreneurs. We got insights into how entrepreneurs work and also started to discuss how to build these traits further in the EntreCity Classroom.

On Wednesday, we began to look at how businesses are built from ideas. We have come to realize that there are many factors and angles to look at things. Now we can see that to start building a business, we should look at many different angles and ask many questions. The more knowledgable we are about our business, the better chances we have.

On Thursday, we were taught that an idea alone does not make a business, execution also plays a very important part. Taking an idea and making it work is not easy, it does require a bit of effort to become an entrepreneur. But with the right team, structure and mindset, you can turn a simple idea into something very successful.

Our conversation on Building Entrepreneurial Traits is still open in the EntreCity Classroom, so do join in and contribute to building better entrepreneurs. (Instructions to Sign Up Here).

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Have a great weekend!

The EntreCity Team

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