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April 29, 2013
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Why is Passion such a Buzzword??


While passion is widely recognized as the key to success in every field and career, the role of passion in entrepreneurship is amplified. Passion provides motivation and the impetus to move forward which is crucial in entrepreneurship where individuals are self-starters. Without passion, entrepreneurs cannot be successful in making significant contributions to society. Even if there is initial success, they may not be able to sustain it throughout their entrepreneurial venture.

The last thing that an entrepreneur wants is for his entrepreneurial venture to seem like a chore. Without passion, this almost seems like a certainty. Entrepreneurship is one of the most challenging paths that individuals can choose to embark on be it as a career or personal calling. Being passionate enables an individual or a team of entrepreneurs to realize their full potential and give it their all to make their venture successful.

What distinguishes success from failure is the level of passion an entrepreneur has. It is this passion that motivates entrepreneurs to undertake the necessary steps that transforms an idea into a successful business. An entrepreneur’s dedication and belief in a project is underpinned by passion. Many follow rule books in an attempt to become good entrepreneurs but ultimately it is passion which determines the final outcome. This was certainly the case for entrepreneur Adam Rich who embarked on starting a men’s lifestyle site, Thrillist. Despite facing initial setbacks such as lack of consensus among the founding members, it was the passion which propelled Thrillist to become a leading site in its field.

Ultimately, there 3 important questions that entrepreneurs need to ask themselves.

  • How passionate are you about what you have undertaken?
  • How well can you convey your passion to others?
  • How convinced are others that you truly believe in your project?

Once you can answer these questions with conviction, you can be sure that your passion will drive you towards success.

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