What makes entrepreneurs do what they do? Is it the adrenalin rush of taking high risk? Is it the huge monetary rewards? Or the fame? I would say that none of these factors were the main reasons that I stepped into becoming an entrepreneur.

The main pushing factor was that I knew that I could make a change. I knew I could make a difference. That was the excitement that gave me the will to push on. The risk, the fame and the money are all byproducts of the entrepreneurial journey, it is the idea and the thought that we are doing some exciting work that could change the status quo which really drives us. You can make a lot of money by working in many other jobs, say in banking or auditing, or as an engineer, but there is something different about working on your idea. Once you start working on an idea or opportunity that you have found, it gives you a certain sense of purpose and responsibility towards making it succeed.

Find that idea that makes you so passionate. Something that makes you feel so strongly about, that you jump out of bed every morning raring to go. The execution is key, but the idea is the one that takes you there. It is the idea that gets you started in building your vision. You can picture its success and how it changes people’s lives. This gives you hope and drive during all those difficult times to keep persevering.

There will be obstacles along the way and you may detour a bit, but the idea and your vision will always remain the same. It is that belief in the idea that will help you focus and guide you through your journey.

Selling your vision is also important. To get people on board, whether your team members, customers and investors, they need to be able to see your vision too. They need to understand your driving force, what makes you tick. If they buy into your idea and they see the vision that you have, they will be able to support you better and be by your side in both the good and the bad times.

So always remember your vision, it is the driving force and the focus that takes us along the difficult entrepreneurial journey. If we begin to lose faith and lose sight of our vision, we may end up losing our whole sense of purpose and cause and that is when everything crumbles.

The routes for the journey may change, but it’s the focus on the end goal that brings us to our destination. Be clear in what you want, study and research it well before you commit yourself to it. You can change the world, but the first person that has to be convinced is yourself.

Inderjit Singh

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