Business Idea Map

‘s Business Idea Map
Value Creation Identifying and Understanding Your Customers Engaging Your Customers
    Segment 1 Segment 2
          Segment 3 Segment 4
              Business Idea Map – Identifying Customers
              Reaching Your Customers Delivering Your Products
              Are We Reaching Out(Selling Marketing Directly or Indirectly to Our Customers?

              Should We Expand Our Customer Base of Focus on Existing Clients?

              Through What Channels Are You Selling Your Products?

              Describe Your Most Important Channel To Reach Your Customers.

              Business Idea Map – Resources We Have
              What Do We Have? What are We Doing? Whom Do We Partner?
              What Resources Do We Currently Have?

                How are We Going to Utilise These Resources in Distribution, Revenue Streams, Customer Relationships?
                  Are Our Resources Acquired Internally(Hired) or Externally(Partnered)?

                    What Are The Key Business Activities?

                    Why do we need to engage in partnerships?

                    Who are Our Partners and What are they going to be providing?

                    What Kind of Agreement Have You Signed With Them?

                    Business Idea Map – Resources We Need
                    What Do We need? What Do We Need To Do? Whom Do we Need to Partner?
                    What resources are you lacking at the moment to reach your goals?
                    Is it better to outsource(partner) or do it internally?

                    How and Where do I get my resources from?

                    What are the steps you need to take next to go towards your goals?

                    Are there any key partnerships that you need to develop?

                    What are the steps to take to develop those partnerships?

                    Calculating Costs Bringing in the Revenue
                        Finding Funds