Course 0001: Are You Ready To Be An Entrepreneur?

Are You Ready to Be an Entrepreneur?
About the Course: The purpose of this course is to help equip you with the proper understanding of how entrepreneurs work and how to cultivate an Entrepreneurial mindset, to enable you to make better informed business decisions. The course is designed with the following specific objectives: To teach the fundamental methods and skills of entrepreneurship. To help you develop these Entrepreneurial Traits. To provide you with a fundamental knowledge and mindset that will assist in you in building your business successfully.
Module 1 Module 1
Are You Ready to Be an Entrepreneur?
Unit 1 Personal Response Assignment Info Sheet
Unit 2 Course Readings Info Sheet
Unit 3 Readings: The Innovator Dilemma (Introduction Only)
Unit 4 IMPORTANT: Course Weightage
Unit 5 Forum Participation Info Sheet
Unit 6 Peer Grading Form
Unit 7 Rubrics for Peer Marking
Unit 8 Lecture #4: Contradicting Yourself
Unit 9 Lecture #3: The Basic Requirement Checklist
Unit 10 Bonus Materials – Entrepreneur Stories
Unit 11 Lecture #2: The 3 Mantras of Entrepreneurship
Unit 12 Bonus Materials – Stories of Famous Entrepreneurs
Unit 13 Lecture #1: An Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Unit 14 Lecture #6: Harsh Truths: Saying a Thousand No’s for Every Yes
Unit 15 Lecture #5: Harsh Truths: Risk
Unit 16 Are You Ready to Start Checklist