How To Train Your Brain To Get That Great Idea …Through Some Reverse Engineering.
July 15, 2016
Idea Analysis 2: TaskRabbit
March 14, 2013

Idea Analysis 1: SleepBox


So yesterday we discussed breaking down an Idea(Click Here to read more about it). Lets put that action into practice…


Breakdown Description
Company Name SleepBox
Problem No place to rest or take a nap when one is tired. Especially when travelling or at work.
Solution Provides an opportunity for a short term rest with security features.
Why We Like It Comfortable, cheap and safe without having to undergo the hassle of finding a hotel or hostel. Productive use of open spaces in public areas.
Target Market Travelers(Airport, Railway), Offices where employees work long hours
Technology Wood/Plastics(for building), electronic(computer system) to make a system around it.
Resources Factory for manufacturing, builders(wood/plastics), design, marketing
How Will They Reach the Market? By doing partnerships with companies, Airport Services, Railway Services


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