Launch of EntreCity's First Course 'From Idea to Business' and The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship
August 6, 2012
To Sell or Not to Sell
September 18, 2012

Launch of The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship

There have been many books on entrepreneurship. Those academic in nature failed to capture true reality, while those that captured the life stories of successful entrepreneurs failed to distil the essence of entrepreneurship. In light of this, Inderjit Singh, as entrepreneur himself, decided to present his book differently. He has distilled the key concepts and key mindsets of entrepreneurship, and translated what goes on within an entrepreneur’s mind into structured processes. Because of the abstract nature of mindset matters, he calls these the Art part of entrepreneurship. Then, he captures the technical aspects of what an entrepreneur needs to do when starting-up companies, and he calls these the Science part of entrepreneurship. Collectively, he hopes to impart to you entrepreneurship through this book, The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship.

As a member of parliament(MP) in Singapore and the founder of several successful start-ups, such as United Test and Assembly Centre(UTAC) and Infiniti Solutions, Inderjit Singh has himself gone through the entrepreneurship path, and had the opportunity to influence public policy and shape the business landscape in Singapore…for the benefit of both current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

In the Art and Science of Entrepreneurship, Inderjit Singh reveals lessons learnt through tough experiences he overcame in his unending journey as an entrepreneur. Through reading his book, you should obtain a good feel of what it is like to be an entrepreneur. Perhaps in arming yourself with this knowledge, you will lessen the pain you’ll encounter in your entrepreneurship journey. Many have done in, and you can do it too if you understand what it takes.

“The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship” takes you through the following and more:

  • Understand the entrepreneur’s mind
  • What it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • How to transform an idea into a business
  • How to go about fund raising
  • How to deal with venture capitalists
  • What goes into creating an entrepreneurial environment
  • How to survive challenging times

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