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Art0001: What is an Entrepreneur?

Art0002: 10 Traits of an Entrepreneur 

Art0003: Beating The Odds

Art0004: Born or Bred

Art0005: Team Entrepreneurship 

Art0006: The Three Mantras of Entrepreneurship – Part 1

Art0007: 3 Mantras of Entrepreneurship – Part 1.2 Decisiveness and Problem Solving

Art0008: 3 Mantras of Entrepreneurship – Part 1.3 Self Confidence

Art0009: Mantra No.2: Aim High But Be Prepared for the Worst

Art0010: Backup Plans

Art0011: Taking the Leap

Art0012: Taking Calculated Risks

Art0013: Survival Strategy(Everyone Should Have One)

Art0014: Mantra No. 2 – There is No Shortcut to Success

Art0015: Transforming an Idea into a Business

Art0016: Commitment is Hard Work

Art0017:  Being committed 24/7

Art0018: 3 Beliefs of Entrepreneurship

Art0019: 3 Beliefs of Entrepreneurs 1.1 – Investing in Downturns

Art0020 – 3 Beliefs of Entrepreneurs: 1.2 Always Prepare in Advance

Art0021: 3 Beliefs Of Entrepreneurs – Belief No. 2: I Can Change The World

Art0022 – Belief No. 3: Outshine as an Entrepreneur – Sniffing Opportunities, Surviving Challenges and Vanquishing Fears

Art0023:Thriving In Chaotic Environments – Breaking the Rules and Going against the Norms

Art0024 – Breaking the Rules – The Compassionate Side of Entrepreneurship

Art0025 – Risks and Failures: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship That Should Not Be Feared

Art0026: Shattering the Myth – Entrepreneurship Does Not Encourage Blind Risk-Taking

Art0027: Why your employees are very important stake holders?

Art0028: Giving A Discount Does Not Mean Discounting The Quality Of Your Product


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Sci0001: From Idea to Business

Sci0002: The Process of Transformation 1

Sci0003: The Process of Transformation 2

Sci0004: What is Calculated Risk?

Sci0005: Making the Plan Fluid

Sci0006: The Back of the Envelope Plan

Sci0007: Getting the Team Together

Sci0008: The Need for Special Skills

Sci0009: Writing an Initial Business Plan

Sci0010: Putting in Your Money and Starting

Sci0011:The Fundraising Plan

Sci0012: The Real Business Plan

Sci0013: How Many and Whom Should Be Targeted to Get Smart Money

Sci0014: The Presentation of the Plan – Is it all that Matters?

Sci0015: What You Need to Know When Negotiating with Investors

Sci0016: The Three Rules of Thumb for Fund Raising

Sci0017: Rule of Thumb No. 1 For Fundraising: Create Value First Before Finding New Funds

Sci0018: Fundraising Rule of Thumb No.2: Bring in Just Enough Funds Plus a Small Buffer Each Time

Sci0019 – Third Rule of Thumb for FundRaising: Raise the Funds When You Do Not Need the Money

Sci0020 – 3 Rules of Fundraising – Learning from Personal Experience

Sci0021: The Business Plan

Sci0022 – The Business Plan: Executive Summary – How a Compelling One Can Help You Spell Success?

Sci0023: Company Background – Why Should You Invest Time Into It?

Sci0024: Company’s Mission and Vision – How It Helps You Pave the Path towards Your Goals?

Sci0025: Management Team in Business Plan – Making Your Investors Realize How the Key Players Will Contribute To Success

Sci0026: A Convincing Business Plan – Define Demographics, Spell Services and Proclaim Products in Detail


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UL0001: A Business is Still a Business

UL0002: The Idea is Not a Business

UL0003: Not So Smart Money

UL0004: Creativity vs Innovation

UL0005: Internet and Technology Alone Do Not Create A Business

UL0006: Customer Financing

UL0007: Angel Investing

UL0008: Venture Capital

UL0009-How do you Read the VC’s Response?

UL0010 – The VC Trap

UL0011 – The Importance of Presentation Skills

UL0014 – Think Big, Start Small

UL0015 – The Old for the Dot Com Business 

UL0016 – Why the Environment Around You is So Important?

UL0017 – Never Lie, Always Be Honest

UL0018 – The Role of the Environment in Nurturing Entrepreneurship

UL0019 – Relationship of the Government and Entrepreneurship

UL0020: Singapore’s Entrepreneurial Journey(Video)

UL0021 – Creating a Successful Entrepreneurial Environment: The Three Ingredients for Building a Favorable Consumer Economy

UL0022: Favorable Financing Foundation – an Inevitable Factor in Creating a Successful Entrepreneurial Environment

UL0023: Reality Revealed – Risks and Failures are Essential to Entrepreneurship

UL0024: Creativity Vs Innovation- Understanding the Cornerstone of Entrepreneurial Growth and Survival

UL0025: Entrepreneurs – The Catalysts for Economic Growth with an Unleashed Spirit to Succeed