It’s About Making Sure Your Intentions Are Right

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June 13, 2012
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It’s About Making Sure Your Intentions Are Right


An entrepreneur’s journey can be really lonely at times, especially in the beginning when there are not many people to support you. It is at this time, where you have to be disciplined in order to persevere.

Concerned people around you will tell you to take the easy path and work like everyone else. “Why are you taking so much risk when you can have a better career? What makes you think you will be lucky like those who made it?,” people will say. In such a situation, you can get distracted and feel that it is not worth it and that your idea might not work and the risk might not be worth taking. My advise to you is to look beyond the immediate and focus on what is possible and let the positive thoughts and push on.

Start with confidence not with fear. Think that you are capable enough to make it happen and that AND THAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING!!! Nothing is impossible, even the biggest of biggest dreams.

But to achieve those dreams you must be strong.

There are a few things you must do to keep that flame going.

  1. Figure out WHY you want to be an entrepreneur?
    Are you doing it for the right reasons? Ask yourself truly the reason to do it? Be sincere and don’t cheat yourself. Do you fully believe in your ideas and can you bring others to believe in them?This WHY will be the one that will keep you motivated and it will help push you during the lows of your journey.
  2. Why do you want to do this project?
    You need to understand clearly as to why this project is so great and so important to you. What problem will your idea solve? How many people will benefit from this? Why will this project be important for others – your customers, your investors, your team members?

By identifying why this is important you will know that many will benefit when you succeed and helping more people benefit will help encourage you to press on.

  3. Break all your work into smaller steps, then work one by one to accomplish those tasks.

Sometimes a big idea and a big project can look very daunting when you look at it in its entirety. It can be so daunting that you might lose confidence that you can actually complete the project, so break your project into smaller tasks which add up. Little tasks are easier to accomplish and since every task completed is a win, it will boost your confidence.

   4. Focus

You may be working at a job and have other commitments, but you need to have some proper time to focus on your project. Try not to do too many things and to keep your focus on the one project. Your mind cannot handle too many things at once and you need some really solid brainpower to build on your idea.

Especially in the initial stages, you have to be able to stay focused and strong minded on your idea. Do not let others or for that matter, your mind, stray you away from your goals. Make it clear as to why you are pursuing this career and why you are taking on this specific project. Remember that you can achieve anything you put your mind too. No project is too big enough to achieve, you just need to know the ways to do it.

You need to be mentally strong, to keep focused and disciplined, so that you can achieve great things. Remember Nothing is Impossible!

Inderjit Singh

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