It’s Always Good to Dream, But it’s Better to Make Those Dreams Come True.

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June 25, 2016
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It’s Always Good to Dream, But it’s Better to Make Those Dreams Come True.


It is natural human tendency to dream, where we reach our goals and achieve something that we have always wanted. We dream up scenarios where we achieve our goals and we get contented with these thoughts. But when it comes to reality we tend to make excuses to achieve those goals of ours.

To achieve your goals, it takes hard work and patience. You need to put in the time and effort to climb every step to achieve your dreams. Doors only start to open when you have put in the effort and time to open them. Any successful person will tell you that it takes time and effort to make dreams come true and that it all starts with the first step; which is also the hardest. Many excuses come to mind when we are about to start. We convince ourselves with every possible excuse that our ideas are not achievable and we then just give up. This happens without us even putting pen to paper.

It is great to dream and it is not difficult to make your dreams come true. If you dream to be a film director but do not know how then start by reverse engineering. Read up and study other film directors, find out how they became successful. Did they go to film school? Did they apprentice with other directors? Or did they just start making their own short films?

Breakdown the steps that are required to make that dream of yours a reality and put them in a checklist. Then one by one start taking action on those items. There will be certain detours along the way and there will be obstacles, but if you are determined and you have put in the effort, then you will be able to face those challenges head on.

It is good to dream, but it is better to make those dreams come true. Start working on those goals today.

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