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February 2, 2012
10 Traits of an Entrepreneur
June 13, 2016

We Begin To Delve Deeper

Mr Inderjit Singh

Mindsets and characteristics are formed from experience,learning and the value systems we grow up with. Similarly we slowly evolve or transform into entrepreneurs gradually as we gain experience and learn from our experiences and from mistakes we may make.

If you want to start on your entrepreneurial journey, you will have to do more than what a normal person does. You cannot transform into an entrepreneur unless you look at things differently (a cup half full or half empty), and also think and act differently.

I know some of the things I will cover in the coming lectures may seem basic, but many take these for granted and I wanted to emphasize these simple things in life, which if we handle correctly can make a big difference in the outcome. Those who have gone through the experience of building something from scratch will realize this (“Why didn’t I think of that, it is so simple”). I wish there was someone to guide me to see these simple things when I started out.  Looking back, the experience was fun, but it would have been much easier if I could have seen things a little differently when I went on my journey.

This week we start delving deeper into each topic:
Tuesday: We work on understanding certain traits of entrepreneurs. We look into ways to develop these traits better in ourselves.

Wednesday: The transformation of an idea into a business, takes time, focus and some knowhow. The more things you can consider in the planning stage, the less obstacles you will face along the way. The journey will never be smooth sailing, but you can strengthen the boat so that your team can ride the rough waves better.

Thursday: We look into idea execution; why ideas and passion alone are not enough. Just because you have a brilliant idea and are passionate about a subject, this will not be sufficient for you to achieve success as an entrepreneur.  Execution and the team play big parts in the success of a business.

My experience in entrepreneurship was filled with good and bad times. Going through the School of Hard Knocks was not an easy experience, but looking back it was something that strengthened me in my quest. That being said, some better guidance along the way would have made the journey smoother. I hope to help others shorten their learning curve through these sharing sessions. Through the project, I am also refreshing myself on entrepreneurship and learning from others. As they say you are never too old to learn and learning is a continuous process.


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