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February 17, 2012
Team Entrepreneurship
June 14, 2016

Taking Action


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – LaoZi.

It is great that you have joined us on this platform to take your journey further. Maybe you are already an entrepreneur, or you are thinking of starting something of your own. Perhaps you have an idea you want to build on, or you want to have some freedom to work on your own. Perhaps you want to change the way some things are done. Whatever the case is, that curiosity and a common interest has brought you here.

The best way to learn is to actively participate, so I urge you to spend some time in discussing issues with our community as well as to do the activities we have prepared.  Reading the lectures we have, I hope will be useful, but the act of taking the additional step in implementing, will increase knowledge and skills. The Entrepreneurial Mindset is something that will help you in your everyday life as well.

Building a business or even an idea can seem overwhelming and you may be looking for a place to start. Take the time to complete the assignments and to participate in the classroom sessions. If you have any doubts feel free to even start your own discussion. The team and the community will be very glad to help you with any doubts you may have.


This week we are looking into:

Tuesday: It is more common for entrepreneurs to work in teams. A good team that can work greatly together and complement each other can really make a big difference. In fact I believe a good idea with a poor team will be less likely succeed but a good team even with a poor idea can create success. Therefore it is important to understand the dynamics of working and choosing the team you work with.

Wednesday: Entrepreneurs are risk takers, but they do not take risks blindly. Understand what is calculated risk, and how to mitigate your risk, so as to be able to build a more successful enterprise.

Thursday: People have many great ideas, some which are amazingly creative, but we do not celebrate great ideas, instead we celebrate great innovations. It takes a certain way of thinking to be able to materialize an idea into a great product that will make people’s life better.

As we are start to get deeper into our lectures, we need to make sure that our foundations are well built and that we truly understand what we are learning.

Lets start taking those little steps towards our dreams.

Inderjit Singh

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