Idea Analysis Week 5: SmartDeco
April 11, 2013
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April 18, 2013

Nature or Nurture


Many people wonder if entrepreneurs are born with the enterprising spirit or can this spirit be cultivated. While this ongoing debate may divide people into opposing camps, I feel that it is important to recognize that the enterprising spirit is imperative and we should seek ways to cultivate this spirit regardless of whether it is nature or nurture. As such, I am a strong proponent of cultivating this spirit from a young age as it provides individuals with a more holistic and informed perspective of the world.

I recently attended the official opening ceremony of the School of Science and Technology in Singapore and was impressed by the enterprising spirit their curriculum and programmes aim to cultivate. By providing students with an environment that encourages them to innovative and enterprising in researching and learning about breakthroughs in science and technology, the school is effectively inculcating the entrepreneurial spirit in their students which will empower them to be trailblazers in the future.

The paradigm shifts that are taking place in the present age make the enterprising spirit imperative if we want to stay relevant and connected to the changing world. Entrepreneurs can survive and sustain themselves in this dynamic world as they have the innovative drive and enterprising spirit to appreciate the multi-faceted nature of this world. Therefore, we should empower ourselves by undertaking ways and means to inculcate this enterprising spirit.


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