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March 23, 2012
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Every Encounter is a Learning Experience


The fun part of being an entrepreneur is that you get to meet and deal with many people; from team members, customers, investors, employees, business partners, government to people who need a helping hand.

Meeting people is fun because you get to learn from others and hear about their experiences. Hearing other people’s experiences helps you learn faster without having to go through the process yourself. You can also pick up ideas to help you strengthen you own plan.  I personally believe that you can learn from every encounter provided you keep an open mind and that it will help shape you into a better and stronger person.

Gaining experience and knowledge should be seen as a lifelong journey and one that makes you a better person and helps you deal with others better.

The thing is with good experiences; there are also bad ones. There may be people and events that may have had a bad effect on you. You need to learn from those experiences too.

As I said, look at every encounter you have as a learning experience. Be excited that you are learning something new, but at the same time, use those lessons to increase your knowledge and to make yourself stronger for the next time. For entrepreneurs, there will be many lessons that you will learn outside of school that will be the strongest weapons in your arsenal. Those lessons will help take you forward. So keep those eyes and ears open and absorb all you can, so that you can apply it later on.

Life is a continuous lesson; we should be good students.

Inderjit Singh

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