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February 1, 2012
Mr Inderjit Singh
We Begin To Delve Deeper
February 5, 2012

Team Blog – Week 1

So it’s the end of the first week. We have just begun with the lectures and classroom activities. As you can see, the aim of the platform is to help entrepreneurs grow the right mindset, gain the relevant knowledge and to get access to the right tools to build their ventures. We hope to share and grow as much knowledge as possible, so as to help entrepreneurs succeed.

On a weekly basis, we will have lectures and activities. We intend to share our knowledge with our readers through the lectures, whilst the activities should equip you with some experience in starting and running a business.

Our lectures are split into 5 main sections:
Monday: Mentor’s Thoughts – Our mentors will be blogging about the week’s lectures and other related topics. The intent would be to share their personal thoughts and insights about the topics. This will bring another perspective to the curriculum. With personal insights and experiences, our readers will be able to understand and apply the lessons better.

Tuesday: The Art of Entrepreneurship – These lectures are aimed at building entrepreneurial mindsets and creative thinking. We want you to start thinking and working differently.

Wednesday: The Science of Entrepreneurship – These lectures will cover the technical aspects of entrepreneurship. Like starting a business, cash flow, planning and strategizing. The aim of this section is to equip you with the basic skills of starting and running a business.

Thursday: Useful Lessons – This section will contain useful lessons, we picked up along the way. We will be sharing our experiences with you. Showing you the trials and tribulations involved in an entrepreneurial journey. We aim to share as much as we can, in order to help as many entrepreneurs as possible.

Friday: Team’s Thoughts – We have left Friday to share our thoughts and to update you with any new developments. We will also introduce certain activities here to help encourage further learning.

How does it work?
Our LECTURES will be placed on Entrecity.com, while ASSIGNMENTS and DISCUSSIONS will be on Coursekit.com (Sign Up Here with Course Code [PS23RP])

The classroom is there to encourage discussion and collaboration. All activities and assignments will be located in our Coursekit classroom. We encourage collaboration and sharing. We hope you ask tonnes of questions and that you participate in all the discussions, sharing your knowledge with the rest.

In time, we will also put up case studies to have the community deliberate and work on together.

Do come with an open mind and a will to learn. We intend to have you thinking differently very soon. Be prepared for an amazing transformation and to meet a great community of your peers.

Do also join us on Facebook(http://www.facebook.com/entrecity) and on Twitter(@entrecity) for any latest news and updates.


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