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June 30, 2016
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June 4, 2012

UL0017 – Never Lie, Always Be Honest

When you are a new company, the most important thing is to build trust. You are a newcomer with no track record and you need people to come and pay money for your work. The thing is for people to come and buy, there has to be an element of trust, that you are a genuine group and the products you have are of good quality.

Especially when just starting off, or when you are small, you have to ensure that whatever product goes out, has to be of the best quality as possible. This will mean checking every detail a few times down the production and service line.

A while back, we had sent some documents to prepare it for an ebook. When we received the scanned copy, it was all over the place and badly scanned. The company (actually 2 different companies) had not checked their work before they had sent it out to us. If there were one or two small mistakes, it would be easy to miss, but there were so many mistakes, pages were out of place, the colour was wrong. What made us upset was, that they did not even check the copy before sending it out to us (customer). If they had seen their work in advance and spoken to us about it, it would not be so bad.

We need to always put ourselves in our customer’s shoes. What do our customers want? What are they going to use our products for? By seeing it through the customer’s eyes and by wanting to ensure that you deliver a great quality service, you will take the time to check your work. Even if there was some mistake, or you could not handle it, an admission and an apology will go a long way to build the trust. Your honesty will bring them back to your shop the next time.

As for the quality aspect, there will be customers who are not very meticulous; they may not check every single word or letter. But it is always good to go through your work with a fine toothcomb, especially if that piece of work is going to be seen in public. Take the time to do some quality check, before shipping your product off. As the saying goes, ‘It is all in the details’; people will appreciate the effort and pride you have in your work.

So here are 3 things you MUST always do when taking on a customer.

  1. Think through the customer’s eyes (What are they going to use the product for?)
  2. Ensure quality (Always check before you ship)
  3. Admit your mistakes and never lie.

Remember when you buy a product or a service, you are putting trust in the vendor to be honest and to give you the best quality product. As such you must strive to provide the same to your customers.


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